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This workshop aims to provide an overview of the current understanding and frontier problems in solar and planetary sciences by inviting eminent researchers working in related fields to explain and discuss the following:

The participants will get a broad overview of theoretical, experimental, observational, and computational aspects in these fields. They will be introduced to the available observational facilities within the country and abroad, such as MAST (Udaipur), ARIES (Nainital), IIA (Bengaluru), DKIST (Hawaii), ORT (Ooty), GMRT (Pune), etc. A detailed overview of the Sun and space sciences will help students choose an appropriate field of interest to participate in the forthcoming national missions of ISRO, such as Aditya‐L1 and the Mars, and Moon missions. The participants will learn about the technical difficulties involved in the ground and space‐based instrumentation. The workshop will consist of invited lectures and hands‐on sessions by the experts. The technical sessions on various topics will include theoretical problems and their solutions. Participants will acquire observational and computational knowledge through hands‐on sessions in the fields.

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